Are you trying to hide your smile because your teeth are stained? They may be stained because of decay or even dark fillings. A natural look can be restored to those affected teeth through the use of tooth-colored fillings. A composite resin is used for these fillings in order to give your teeth a natural and healthy look. Composite fillings can boast several advantages over traditional silver or amalgam fillings.

  • Composite fillings have no metal or mercury in them
  • Composite fillings will match the color of your natural teeth in a way that silver fillings can not
  • Composite fillings feel much more natural to your mouth than silver fillings
  • Composite fillings strengthen the remaining tooth structure of your natural teeth

Research has demonstrated that traditional silver and amalgam fillings can carry some negative side effects for your health.

  • As the metal in silver fillings expands and contracts in the temperature changes around you, it becomes weak and has a strong possibility of eventually cracking.
  • If your silver filling cracks, the leaking mercury can discolor your natural teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings avoid these two issues. They are also a great way to replace old silver fillings and avoid these problems before they happen.

At Green Park Dentistry, it is our passion and desire to preserve a natural look for your smile. We highly recommend composite fillings as a way to deal with minor cavities while maintaining the natural look of your smile. Call us today for a consultation if you have silver fillings that you would like to replace with composite fillings.