Bonding . . . What is it?

This popular procedure will make your smile shine! Bonding can fill cavities, fill in cracks, and cover up gaps. Bonding is also used to restore a stained or discolored tooth to its natural color.

How Does Bonding Work?

First, the doctor will place composite resin on an adhesive gel on the tooth that needs restoration. The doctor will then mold and sculpt the resin until the tooth has a natural, beautiful look. Once the doctor is satisfied with the sculpting of the resin, the resin is dried and hardened through the use of an ultraviolet light. Finally, the doctor will polish the tooth until it is bright, shiny, and beautiful.

The final look of a tooth that has been treated with bonding is vastly superior to the metallic look of silver fillings. Bonding technology has improved tremendously over recent years. This improvement means that this treatment will often last for ten years or more. Bonding is very affordable and deals with a host of dental issues.

What Advantages Are Offered by Bonding?

  • Bonding is stronger than silver fillings
  • Bonding is certainly more aesthetically pleasing than silver fillings
  • Bonding is the perfect solution for repairing old silver fillings that are defective
  • Bonding is a great way to replace silver fillings before they cause problems in the future.