The world of dentistry was revolutionized by dental implants. The world of dental implants is being revolutionized by All-on-4™ implants! This procedure will provide a complete set of strong, natural-looking replacement teeth while only implanting four posts in the top of your mouth and four posts in the bottom of your mouth. Instead of embedding a titanium post for every missing tooth, a total of eight posts are strategically placed. All the remaining replacement teeth are attached to these posts that have been precisely placed.

We are excited at Green Park Dentistry to be offering the All-on-4™ procedure. This treatment will provide a restored smile for many patients. Call our offices today and schedule a FREE consultation to determine if the All-on-4™ treatment is the solution for you.

Traditional implants will require a titanium post to be embedded for each missing tooth that is being replaced. The All-on-4™ procedure will only embed four implants for the top row of teeth and four implants for the bottom row of teeth. The All-on-4™ treatment also allows most patients to forego any bone grafting. Bone grafting is more common with regular implants.

The short answer is, no. While both treatments are for replacing missing teeth, the procedures are dramatically different. The final results are also vastly different. Here are a few key differences:

  • All-on-4™ replacement teeth will never need to be taken out. They are treated as real and permanent teeth.
  • All-on-4™ replacement teeth are not held in place with adhesives. They are permanently embedded using titanium posts in the jawbone.
  • All-on-4™ replacement teeth will give you tremendous freedom to speak, eat, and laugh in public because they will not fall out.
  • All-on-4™ replacement teeth will help preserve the integrity of the bone in your jaw.

You will need to consult with your doctor for a final decision based on all the right factors. In general, if you are currently wearing dentures or will probably need them soon, you are an ideal candidate for the All-on-4™ treatment.

As you consult with your doctor, it may be determined that you only need your upper teeth replaced or your lower teeth replaced. You do not have to have both sets done at once. Your doctor can help you evaluate your situation. Call today for a free consultation.

We can enthusiastically say, yes! No one will be able to tell if you had the All-on-4™ procedure or regular implants. They both look entirely natural. In fact, they won’t be able to tell that you had any dental work done at all! Your smile will be restored to its natural and beautiful condition.


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